Who we Are

Wine Division

Caviro has been a symbol of evolution and growth within the Italian wine industry for over forty years. Thanks to the stringent specifications that govern the relationship between the company and other wine producing members, and commitment to the principles of authenticity and cost effectiveness, Caviro has always been synonymous with quality.

Our tradition is built on quality, and tight control of the winemaking process, enabling us to produce wines from everyday drinking level through to premium, small batch boutique wines that grace the finest restaurant tables throughout the world.

Our exceptional focus on quality has resulted in Caviro enjoying excellent market penetration.Caviro has an extensive global distribution network and is active in over 40 key markets worldwide, including the UK, Germany, Japan, Russia and China.

Our distribution and logistics experience and expertise is unrivalled in Italy. Our competitors are focused on only one or two export markets, providing limited distribution and reach. Our global reach and broad market penetration is a distinct competitive advantage and is unique within the Italian wine industry.

Today Caviro has two main central facilities dedicated for winemaking, bottling, packaging and marketing – Forli for still wines, Tetra Brik ® packaging and wine-based drinks and Savignano sul Panaro in the province of Modena for sparkling wine production.

Distillery Division

The Distillery Division represents the original core business of Caviro and is the division that has generated the most remarkable growth – resulting in it becoming the linchpin of a series of production lines whose products lend themselves to numerous uses and accommodate the needs of various commodities sectors.

The Distillery Division includes the following production plants:

  • Faenza, where inside a 30-hectare plant, the following activities take place:
    – distillation of wine and of winemaking by-products,
    – the production of concentrated and rectified grape musts, desulphurized grape musts, deionized and concentrated grape juices,
    – production of alcohol of agricultural origin in all its qualitative varieties,
    – production of energy from renewable sources;
  • Treviso, where Natural Tartaric Acid is produced.

All of the above is produced using state-of-the-art technological machinery and the careful selection of raw materials, whilst relying on highly competent staff and a network of efficient services to aid product distribution.

The Caviro Group’s mission is to promote the by-products of the agro-industrial supply chains, by applying the best technological and procedural expertise, whilst at the same time pursuing the highest standards in safeguarding the environment.

We are one of the leading companies that, having set up in Italy, is now broadening its horizons throughout the world, through continuous studies and research aimed at capitalising on agriculture’s full potential – with a view to achieving rationalisation of natural resources and the development of eco-sustainability.

Corporate Governance

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics expresses the ethical commitments and responsibilities when conducting the corporate activities and businesses undertaken by the collaborators of Agricultural Cooperative Society CAVIRO soc.coop.agricola, whether they are administrators or employees.

Code of Ethics Caviro Distillery

Caviro’s stakeholders can inform any breach or suspected breach of the Code of Ethics.

The identity of those who inform such breaches shall be ensured, except for the applicable legal obligations, so as to protect them against any form of retaliation, understood as an act that can leave room even for the mere suspicion of being a form of discrimination or penalty.

Breaches can be informed by sending the corresponding notice to the following address:

Caviro soc. coop. agricola (Caviro Agricultural Cooperative Society)
Funzione Internal Auditing – Codice Etico (Internal Auditing Body – Code of Ethics)
Via Convertite, 12
48018 Faenza (RA)

Or they can be e-mailed to the following address:


Organisation Model 231/01

In compliance with the commitments towards stakeholders that have been expressed and undertaken through the Code of Ethics, Caviro soc.coop.agricola has adopted the Organisation and Management Model set forth by Italian Legislative Decree No. 231, dated June 8th 2001, under which corporations may now be held administratively liable for certain types of offences.
Caviro has implemented the Organisation and Management Model in order to ensure correctness and transparency when conducting corporate activities, preserving its position and corporate image, as well as protecting its shareholders’ expectations and its employees’ work.

Organisation and management model Caviro S.c.a

All breaches or suspected breaches of the 231/01 Model and/or any other information related to the implementation of the Model can be informed to the Internal Control Body of Caviro soc.coop.agricola.

Breaches can be informed in writing by sending the corresponding notice to the following address:
Caviro soc. coop. agricola
Organo di Controllo Interno (Internal Control Body)
Via Convertite, 12
48018 Faenza (RA)

Or they can be e-mailed to the following address: